GUardian PLate ® Solutions

Repairing Slide Floor Rot Issues The Cost Effective way

The ” Guardian Plate ” ® was conceptualized in 2010.

While attending RV rallies around the Nation and performing free motorcoach inspections the Talin Team began seeing a pattern of bottom slide floor cover separation and rot. It was discovered that this problem was occurring mainly on Monaco & Holiday Rambler built coaches.

Researching this problem and studying the construction of other brand coaches Talin found a flaw in the design and build process of the Monaco / HR coaches. During this research it was discovered that their own company coach had the same issue on their 2005 HR Ambassador driver front slide which had 3 foot of slide floor rot.

Talin contacted two close friends who happen to be some of the Nations top experts on Monaco / HR body construction, PJ McGann and Tom Bumpus. Both Tom & PJ are former Monaco factory supervisors and during discussions it was learned how Monaco  built their slide outs. It was here that we discovered where the problem was coming from.

Talin began experimenting with different designs and built several different prototypes. Installing them on their company coach and then testing each prototype they eventually arrived at the final design which can be found in the Guardian Plates of today. This final design was then submitted to industry experts for their input and approval.  We then selected 3 Beta Testers who were Monaco / HR coach owners and who also were highly skilled mechanics. We shipped them Guardian Plate kits for installation and then went over their feedback for final refinements to the plate design. The Guardian Plates you see below represent a long and exhaustive journey to provide the motorcoach owner with a product which when properly installed can encapsulate and permanently seal off their slide corners and eliminate future floor rot and separation. 


Talin RV designed the Guardian Plate kits with the DYI coach owner in mind, Each Guardian Plate is pre drilled so the holes line up with the inner steel floor structure. This gives a positive set for each stainless rivet to attach to. Each kit contains a set of plates to seal both bottom corners of the slide. To prevent DIY owners from having to select and then chase down specialized caulking and sealants, Talin provides both caulking types in each kit. You will also find all the rivets included and even a 3/16th cobalt drill bit to use for drilling the attachment holes. We thought of everything to make each kit a true DIY project for the handy coach owner who likes working on their coach. For those who prefer having someone else do the work, you can order your kits and have them installed using our directions at any local RV service center or make an appointment with Talin and use our professional installation services at our Brooksville, Florida location.


Slide Bottom Laminate Damage
Roller Cuts in White Laminate

Slide Bottom Roller Cuts

Roller Cuts in White Laminate

GUardian Plates

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Important Notice

We have been informed by our stainless steel supplier that our cost for stainless steel will increase by  33 %.

Talin has done everything possible to hold our costs in line for our  valued customers but the staggering price increases We recently were hit with has left us with no choice but to raise our prices. We would like to Thank you for your understanding with this new inflationary challenge .   

The name Guardian Plate is a registered trademark of Talin Manufacturing.